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My Journey

Growing up as a British born Indian, my generation was catapulted into the fusion of Eastern and Western lifestyles.

Whether it's music or fashion, the idea of identity is still constantly being submerged in the friction between loyalties.

As a youngster I never fully appreciated my Indian upbringing, especially in the community that I grew up in. I now do as an adult.

The route I decided to take was unprecedented for my age but not of my generation. I now show the sceptics that I am a happy wife, mother and artist taking upon a dream that once began as an impressionable teenager.

My art does not depict my past or future. The focus is on humanity, which plagues us all regardless of its sensitivity, negativity and morality. I like to think that I deal with real people and real issues. My chosen subject matters have covered the vibrant town of Southall, inter-racial relationships, homelessness, poverty, persecution, animals and plantscape.

My urban life art is based mostly on visuals collected around London which included violence and religion. Most of my research is first-hand experience or photography from live events happening around the world.

Don't confuse me with a martyr. My interests in people and communities lie much deeper than even I had anticipated. In my art I try to show the life and energy that I see when I explore other people's lives whether good or bad. Most of my inspiration comes from the community around me.

My style is of abstract figurative with flavours of Basquiat, Moore and Picasso. Primitive and Indian art are also factors in my work.

After many years of exhibiting in group and solo shows, I took time out to pursue motherhood. Returning with a new body of work in ink on paper I am showing the two real components I see every day, people and nature. Whilst painting is my real passion, creating illustrations and large drawings adds another dimension to my skill set as an artist.

I have previously used many mediums to diversify the many subject matters I have touched on but the topic of people has always been pivotal to my work. I find the dynamics of people and groups of people more entertaining than any other subject matter. Throw in decorative nuances, juxtaposition of nature and architecture and my subjects enter a whole new world.

All original pieces of artwork are for sale. Please contact Shema directly for further information.

Prints and other products of artwork can be purchased through the website.

Creative illustrative artist producing art inspired by my local community in Romford, Essex and beyond.

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